10 Best Racing Games for Android 2024

Over the last few decades, racing games have gained popularity and the craze of playing car racing games is touching spires. This is a vast field when we talk about racing games for Android.

There are tons of options available in this genre. The competition is really very hard to select among them all.

The benefits of Android phones’ hardware are enjoyed by racing games at the top of the list by using the accelerometer as a type of steering wheel to navigate the car.

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In Android phones, besides other controls the pleasure of turning the phone to control the car is matchless. The graphics of the racing games are really eye-catching and stunning as compared to other games.

Top 10 Best Racing Games for Android 2024

Following are the 10 best Racing Games for Android 2024:

  • Hill Climb Racing 2
  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • Assoluto Racing
  • CSR Racing 2
  • GRID Autosport
  • Grand Prix Story
  • Need For Speed: No Limits
  • Rush Rally 3
  • Horizon Chase
  • Mario Kart Tour

Hill Climb Racing 2

Among the latest racing games on Android, Hill Climb Racing 2 is one of the best games. This game is liked by many people due to its simple proposition, beautiful graphics, and easy-to-handle controls.

Driving the car up and down on hilly tracks gives a nice experience against opponents. There are options available for vehicle enhancement, tuning to handle it easily in the desired way, and much more.

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This game includes a lot of entertainment opportunities like online multiplayer race mode, campaigns, routine tasks, various achievements, and hazardous challenges on vicious paths. It runs smoothly on nearly all devices whether the latest or not.

It is a free-of-cost game. It can be played online as well as offline so, it is free from the bounds of internet availability. It can be the best choice to spend leisure time and amuse oneself.

Asphalt 9: Legends                

One of the most famous and latest games for Androids is Asphalt 9 Legends.  Along with a multiplayer race of experts, one can get many side missions to complete and a metric ton of campaigns as well.

The graphics of the game are really admirable and eye-catching. There are many real-life locations in this game. The controls of the game are comparatively easy and simpler as compared to other games.

It depends on your choice whether you like this simplicity or not. One can play in alliance with other racers in the club and there is a lot of content that needs to be unlocked which makes it more thrilling and exciting.

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This game is absolutely fit between simultaneous racing and arcade racer. No doubt it’s a challenging game but it is not difficult to gain expertise in it. It gives the feel of real racing at your August time.

It is free from the stress of changing gears and players can enjoy parallel to the real-world cars, parts, and natural locations. Asphalt 9 has a variety of accessible controls. It has tilt-steering, touch controls, and other acceleration controls that are within your reach.

It is the most popular and new game from the Asphalt franchise and Game Loft. It has excellent features like solid mechanics and more than 800 events and features of P2P online action. Many upgrading features and almost 50 new car unlocking can be acquired. It is free to download.

Assoluto Racing

In contemporary times, where competition is very high, Assoluto Racing is also a thrilling free-to-play racing game. The prime focus of this game is on driving the car on the track as well as drifting.

The game has pretty good graphics, excellent features, and relatively simple controls to play the chain of events. Unlike Asphalt 9, this game also has a gas pedal which is liked by the players. Players can enjoy multiplayer games.

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New cars can be unlocked and purchased, vehicles can be customized and tuned. It has vast options for transforming everything about the vehicle, from the weight to the gear ratios, which deeply underpin its value among other racing games.

It is a surprisingly good game on most of the high-end Android devices compared to some lower-end ones. This game is another careful equity between real racing and arcade racing mechanics. It works on physics rules in actuality.

Drifting the car is enjoyable and it feels like racing in a real car. It resembles the Asphalt 9 racing game very much. So, one must go for it.

Different gears can be adjusted and other features like horsepower torque, and other latest suspensions can be installed as per the player’s choice. It is one of the best games for car tinker players.  

CSR Racing 2

When we talk about the most famous racing games for androids, the CSR Racing 2 can’t be forgotten. It is a drag racing in which new cars can be bought and features of the vehicle can be upgraded before starting the race. It traits a campaign mode with a number of different races.

Players can enjoy online competition racing with other players around the world. There are many a car in this game and the graphics of the game are admirably good. It provides good entertainment in leisure time.

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Among the freemium games, CSR Racing 2 is also free to download and play. Moreover, CSR Racing 2 hinders the players from cornering their skills as it is not based on autosport.

The players can have a changing experience in their favorite vehicle with the hyper-realistic stimulator. No doubt, CSR Racing 2 can be enjoyed without spending any money but it still encourages in-game purchases.

It is a fantastic racing game for Androids but still, the game’s finales desired much more in graphics and events.

GRID Autosport

When we look for new racing games, the name GRID Autosport comes from the list of the best ones. It is not a freemium game, but the complete game comes under a single price tag which is the reason we like it.

It has different scalable difficulty levels with almost 100+ games, 100 vehicles, and races of different types. This game is safe and secure from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 days. A full game can be downloaded easily without any hurdles.

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It operates with various hardware controllers. It is one of the best car games genre. In 2019, it was launched and it got the top position among all. It is a port of the version of the PC.

The game is fixed with a single-player experience, diversified racing styles, adjustable difficulties, and minute niceties as hardware controller support are the unique features of this game.

Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story is an interesting racing simulator developed by Kairosoft. The makers are quite good at making eccentric, unusual, and simple simulation games with adequate mechanics.

You are the head of your own team which gives you the responsibility of training drivers, coming in with various sponsors, and winning a number of races that are achievable.

It provides a pretty good way for those who love to enjoy racing, but would rather provide a more lenient approach. It can disappoint those who want to experience a realistic approach to car racing but still, it is a good game.

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This game is not free to download. The player has to purchase this by one-time pay. It does not have in-game purchases to disturb its players. This car game is full of entertainment.

All along the game, the players can unlock more tracks and upgrade vehicles to win each and every race. It is comparatively a simple game but the elements of arcade racing make it more interesting in a farce way.

The premium version of the game is free from in-game purchases whereas the free version has in-game purchases.

Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits is the newest mobile game. It is a publicly praised racing franchise. It is comparatively less appreciated than its counterparts. It is good for casual racing. This game has one thousand-plus campaigns, many cars to unlock, and many places to race.

The places are not extraordinarily beautiful and much repetitive. The game does not give you unlimited access as mentioned in its name but it is tolerable when its name comes under the title of free games.

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It is among the ones that initiated the trend of top Racing games for Androids. The customization and upgrading option of cars is available. It is operated with the help of simple controls just race and brake buttons are tapped to operate the game.

It is one of the primeval racing games in racing games history but still going in the best way for the racing games lovers. However, the races are too short to complete in just a few minutes.

Rewards for finishing the race are given which helps a lot during racing for upgradation.

Rush Rally 3

This is a good game for Rally fans, so they must try it at least once. It is a phone-friendly game. It is much closer to a console-quality racing sim. It has many modes for players. It can be enjoyed solo as well as with many players.

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It has the most accessible touch control system which can be customized fully. It has complete controller support. The best thing about Rush Rally is that it gives real experience. The damage system of the game is so real that the car destroys and deforms according to the collisions with different things on the way.

Graphics are somewhat outdated but still, it is the best game to enjoy rally racing.

Horizon Chase

When we talk about the best racing games for Android, Horizon Chase can’t be ignored. It has retro-inspired graphics. Much fun is linked with this game. Its features are really impressive. A number of tracks and vehicles are available for racing.

This is an android friendly game. Moreover, NVIDIA Shield TV support makes this game really unique. Most of the game controllers are easy access to the players. The game has a leaderboard to round out the expertise. Multiplayer mode is also available while playing online.

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The game comes in two versions, free as well as paid. The demo game is free with some unlock tracks to develop the interest of the player.

The game’s inventors are still working on it to make its players happier than before by adding new events to the games. The game can be played offline too.

Mario Kart Tour  

It would not be wrong if Mario Kart Tour was nominated as one of the most successful mobile games played in history when mobile phones revolutionized the era. Its mobile version is somewhat weaker from the console experience.

It is still great to make the racer feel like a Mario Kart not just a racer like other mobile phone game racers. This game is full of adventures. Unlocking the racers and competition between racers is quite thrilling. This game also has different playing modes.

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The latest version also supports multiplayer mode. It is a Nintendo production game that needs to be modulated in the microtransaction a little. It is also available for smartphones. It is among the best racing games for Androids with simple controls and traditional gameplay.

It has less distant tracks so, the short sessions of the game are mobile-friendly. The operation of swiping up for weapons launching, makes the player enjoy the natural feeling of swiping them for dropping these behind.

Many features of the game are similar to the original Mario Kart like launching shells of turtles on the enemies. It is a very entertaining game that can be good for spending leisure time and an addictive game too.

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Wrapping Up

It is concluded that there are many racing games for androids but the games which are leading the market are those which keep its player involved with it. Excellent features, extraordinary graphics, modes of playing, freemium downloading and playing, vehicle upgrading latest features, new cars, new tracks, new events, easy to handle, etc. are the characteristics that are preferred when choosing games on Androids.

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