What is the best car in Hill Climb Racing 2?

In Hill Climb Racing 2 “best car” is based on the personal user experience of players, each vehicle with its strengths and weaknesses. So, HCR2 has several cars considered best for different tracks and challenges.

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According to your tracks like off-road beats, Supercars, and Climbing Kings, you make your decision but here are a few highly popular or considerable, like

  • Formula
  • Rally car


The formula vehicle is highly raced in Hill Climb Racing 2. Its performance is outstanding, and its handling is much easier for the game’s sake.

Its velocity and speed are accurate for handling the race which makes it different from other vehicles.

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  • The ability of speed of the formula makes it different from other vehicles in the respective game. It faces meager air resistance by the structure of its shape, for high speed it just needs low acceleration which makes it comfortable and speed.
  • It has narrow tires which are specially optimized and makes it less suitable for off-road drive and rough tracks.
  • Like other vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 2, the Formula can be upgraded using game coins. Users can customize Formula appearances with different colors of paints and cosmetic accessories.

Rally Car

The Rally car is an exhilarating best vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2 and a popular choice among players. It is specially designed for rally races and events.

Rally cars require practice, skill, and clever driving. It is unlocked in Platinum 3. It cost 70000 coins in HCR2.

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  • The Rally car has a special type of suspension and such a system that allows it to absorb a type of surface shock.
  • The major work of this function is to control road grip on different Rally tracks.
  • Rally car has an all-wheel drive system which has an equal mechanism to distribute the power of all wheels.
  • Rally car controls drifts on different certain tracks. The players can use drifting techniques to maintain speed through different corners of the tracks.

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